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Blue Mountains Counselling Centre

Since 1995

Is it time for real changes in your life?
Is it time to stop going along to just get along?
No Referrals required - No Diagnosis - Confidential

  • We offer you a unique form of specialised therapy in a non-judgemental, safe and trusting place with non-pathologizing compassionate therapists.
  • We work specifically with your concerns to help find creative answers to the very real, average, everyday pressures in life.
  • We specialise in working with individuals, couples and families - all relationship communication difficulties.
  • We can work with you to explore all things creative and wonderful.
  • Rework everyday traumas in life that may be holding you back.
  • Our work can include a deeper approach of working with dreams, journal writing and authentic and creative dialogue.

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Couples & Families

Making an appointment is beneficial for a couple going through a hard time in their relationship. When intervention and damage control measures are put in place it can make a real difference and stop couples going down a destructive pathway in their relationship.

We can assist couples in resourcing themselves, understanding the bigger picture and develop relationship skills to move through conflicts and struggles.

Sometimes couples come to find out whether their relationship/marriage is salvageable or whether they want to separate/ divorce.

At the Blue Mountains Counselling Centre we also work with resourcing families and especially children who are affected by family breakups.

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Individual Sessions

Individuals will want to come for Counselling and/or Psychotherapy for a range of reasons. Maybe you are not coping with life at the moment.

May be you are feeling anxious, worried, depressed, grieving, experiencing difficult emotions, life struggles and relationship difficulties.

Depending on the type of concern we are experienced in working with your particular concern, your budget and time constraints. Your therapist may recommend just a few sessions or you may wish to arrange a longer style of Psychotherapy
which may include understanding of your dreams.

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Online Consultations

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Our Therapists

Rosita Inghamn
Clinical Psychotherapist, Individual & Couples Therapist, Intergenerational Relationship Negotiations & Counselling
Paula Owen
Clinical Psychotherapist, Massage Therapist, Herbalist
Barbara Rose
Clinical Psychotherapist, Dream Analysis
Tara De Wel
Clinical Psychotherapist, Registered Psychologist
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Practice Location: Level One , 98-108 Bathurst Road, Katoomba, NSW 2780
Postal Address: PO Box 634, Katoomba, NSW 2780

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