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Blue Mountains Counselling Centre

Since 1995

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Compassionate Parenting

Email consultations are great for busy mums. They are economical, easy to access. You can write to us at a time that suits you. We’ll help you structure the content with your concerns and interests in mind. Mums need a lot of back up. We work with your unique parenting style toward practical, creative solutions. For many, the anonymity of of an online service is a wonderful feeling. We specialise in brief, effective consultations. We have finely honed our therapeutic skills over the last 22 years with very good outcomes. Get in touch with one of our therapists to organise your individualised online consultations.

Why come and see us

Counselling and Psychotherapy can offer you choices you may not have thought of before. A few sessions can make a huge difference to people. Some of the reasons people contact us are:

Yourself or a friend or family member may have been diagnosed with a mental illness such as Depression, Postnatal Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar or Autism.

Or you may be wanting to learn relationship and communication skills, are going through a couples upheaval or breakup or establishing a blended family.

Some people contact us after the loss of a job or when dealing with a chronic health condition.

Most people deal better with challenges & heartaches when they are well resourced and offered constructive options.

Each session is personally tailored to suit the needs of the individual, couple or family to make sure the style works for you.

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Who we are

We are a group of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists working from a private clinic in Katoomba, Blue Mountains.

We are experienced in providing you with individually tailored counselling and psychotherapy. This means we work with the issues you come to us for, your individual nature as well as practical considerations such as your budget and time constraints.

We do have a focus on working with women, however men do access our counselling services and also find it a valuable investment for their personal wellbeing.

We offer prompt confidential appointments No referrals are required
ATAPS referrals are accepted
We also offer Clinical Supervision for a range of professionals.

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Couples & Families

Making an appointment is beneficial for a couple going through a hard time in their relationship. When intervention and damage control measures are put in place it can make a real difference and stop couples going down a destructive pathway in their relationship.

BMCC can assist couples in resourcing themselves, understanding the bigger picture and develop relationship skills to move through conflicts and struggles.
Sometimes couples come to find out whether their relationship/marriage is salvageable or whether they want to separate/ divorce.

Counselling is valuable when you are going through the emotional turmoil of separation. BMCC also works with resourcing families and especially children who are affected by family breakups.

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Individual Sessions

Individuals will want to come for Counselling and/or Psychotherapy for a range of reasons. Maybe you are not coping with life at the moment. May be you are feeling anxious, worried, depressed, grieving, experiencing panic attacks or going through a relationship breakdown.

Depending on the type of concern we are experienced in working with your particular concern, your budget and time constraints. Your counsellor may recommend just a few sessions or you may wish to arrange a longer style of Psychotherapy
which may include understanding of your dreams and working with the unconscious.

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Email Consultations

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Our Team

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